What To Expect On A Visitors Discovery Tour Experience

What’s living here really like? That’s the question every person considering a new place to live wants answered. Most would agree the best place to get the answer is directly from the people who live there.

That’s exactly what the Ambassador Program offers visitors considering the Terra Vista and Brentwood lifestyle. Through the program visitors have an opportunity to spend time “one–on-one” with community residents and get answers to whatever questions they may have about the community, their homes and area services.”

Carol Schulz, the Director of Guest Services at the Welcome Center explains, “The Ambassador program brings an added dimension to the home shopping experience. People who are serious about considering a new home appreciate the insights existing residents can provide. The discussions and the information they receive always seems to help people clarify things. It’s an interaction really helps people in making decisions.”

Carol is also quick to point out that the connection between current and soon to be residents give newcomers a jump start in establishing a circle of friends. “The Ambassadors really are a group of friendly neighbors. The relationship started when first visiting often plays a role of ushering new residents into a vibrant social life.”

Visitors are encouraged to ask Carol or their representative about meeting with an Ambassador while on a Discovery Visit. It’s an experience sure to provide a real world perspective about the neighborhood and the region at large.