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Sharon Skeele-Hogan - Social Director

A beaming smile and effervescent personality are the trademarks of the Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club’s one and only Sharon Skeele-Hogan. In her role as Social Director, Sharon is the middle of a whirlwind schedule of activities and events dedicated to meeting the pastime interests of club members.

Following a fruitful sales and marketing career in the hospitality industry, Sharon brought her style and vast experiences to the club’s management team five years ago. Since that time Sharon has orchestrated a surge in the number and diversity of club activities.

“As a club employee and resident I am actively involved in the life of our members all the time. My constant involvement helps me stay in touch with the types of events everyone likes and wants to experience.”

At the center of Sharon’s busy day is a calendar filled with activities including establishing specialty interest clubs. To date there are over 50 clubs that focus on a wide range of interests including everything from motorcycling to astronomy. There’s also a host of special social gathering events including “girls night out” and “singles get-togethers”.

Sharon also stages the club’s year long schedule of professional entertainment showcases which are grouped in the “Big Show”, “Comedy Club” and “High Brow” series. Each show series offers its own distinct variety of entertainment including Broadway style reviews, featured soloists, stand-up comedians and music appreciation events highlighted by jazz, classic and refined music selections.

“I genuinely love our members,” emphasizes Sharon, “They are a group of wonderful people that I get the pleasure of having fun with everyday!”

One thing for certain – You can rely on Sharon to keep the good times rolling for everyone!