Mike And Dee Troutman Discuss The Florida Lifestyle Why Terra Vista

Over the last couple of months the Troutman’s have been settling into their new home overlooking the hillside scenery in Terra Vista following their move from Rochester, New York. Through the years it was the fifth home they custom built, and in the end it was the most satisfying of their homebuilding experiences.

After considering North Carolina and Maryland they decided warmer is better and the no state income tax status of Florida certainly looked appealing. They settled on Central Florida and started their research. In locating the right community the design of home was the paramount concern and the caliber of amenities to be enjoyed was a close second.

“We looked everywhere for the style of home we loved. We wanted a spacious open plan that could be modified to make a perfect match. After finding the Terra Vista website we discovered the style we had been searching for and decided to visit. When we arrived and drove in, saw the impeccably manicured surroundings and natural beauty, we just knew it was right for us,” noted Dee.

Soon after arriving, the perfect home was matched with the perfect home site and the process of planning the details of their new home was underway. As a couple they were fully engaged with their Planner and Decorator in ironing out the details. Shortly after the construction cycle started which led to the completion of their home this past Summer.“The building process was convenient and in the end a piece of cake,”comments Mike, “It was clear that here we found the ideal package of home design and quality construction we wanted.”

As for their second focus on amenities, both Mike and Dee are quick to point out the wonders of BellaVita and first-class dining experiences as big attractions.

Although still busy operating a business, Mr. Troutman anxiously looks forward to investing more time in golf as his leisure hours expand.

“Everything from dealing with our salesperson to the construction people and now to actually living in the community has been a great experience,” reflects Dee, “Our decision for Terra Vista has proven very positive. I must say, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier living anywhere else!”