BellaVita - The Villages Of Citrus Hills Spa & Fitness Center

With the opening of BellaVita in the Fall of 2007, the fitness programs of the Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club reached the pinnacle of the nation’s private club fitness facilities. The commitment to maintain its high standards has resulted in the recent purchase of $250,000 in cutting edge replacement fitness equipment for the 45,000 sq. ft. Spa & Fitness Center.

“Although the equipment at BellaVita is not dated and is in excellent condition, the decision to invest in replacing the equipment was founded in our commitment to maintain the finest private fitness centers available,” explains Director of Fitness Lee Thompson.

The new equipment at the BellaVita Spa & Fitness Center will offer the latest technology in cardio equipment including a collection of state-of-the- art treadmills.

In addition to its impact on the BellaVita facility this latest club upgrade works to enhance all three of the private fitness facilities available to resi- dents. The equipment replaced from BellaVita has been used to enhance the fitness equipment at the club’s Central Activity Center and Brentwood Swim & Fitness Center. Complementing the equipment upgrades to both facilities has been a renovation of the fitness area interiors.

The comprehensive facilities available for residents have been planned to ideally meet the heightened interest for fitness by today’s increasingly health oriented baby- boomer generation. Embellishing the club’s fitness program, is an extensive offering of over 200 classes each month featuring such activities as Tai Chi, Spinning, Yoga and Water Aerobics.

Unlike the programs at other private clubs, all classes and lessons at BellaVita are included in the affordable social membership dues, with no additional cost per session.

If a fitness routine is an important part of your lifestyle, you’ll find the opportunities for residents at Terra Vista and Brentwood to be among the finest available in the nation.