Happy People Club Ambassador – Ed And Alice Galuska

If ever there was love at first sight, it was what Ed & Alice Galuska felt when they first laid eyes on Terra Vista.

Once deciding to escape the winters in New England the Galuska’s started to search for that special retirement lifestyle. Although they owned a condo in Southeast Florida, they felt life would be more enjoyable in a less crowded and less stressful environment. They started a search that lasted a number of years. Along the way they explored a variety of central Florida communities including the Villages and On Top of the World.

 “We discovered Terra Vista on the Internet, but we were not sure it was go- ing to be a fit for our lifestyle. Based on the online presentation it almost looked too good to be true,” comments Alice Galuska. Not really knowing what to expect, they decided to arrange a Discovery Visit and further explore the community.

“When we drove into the community we just knew it was right. Everything felt comfortable. It reminded us of the cozy neighborly community we grew up in,” notes Ed. “Both Terra Vista and the surrounding Citrus County area proved to be a very friendly place. It’s unheard of in South Florida, but here people wave and say hello wherever you go.”

Alice adds that you find people from all walks of life in Terra Vista. “It’s just like one big family. Regardless of a person’s past you never feel a high brow attitude around here. It doesn’t matter what your career was, everyone is open and willing to lend a hand if needed.”

Also memorable, was the positive sale and home building experience where “feeling special” was part of the process from start to finish. As a professional engineer with extensive experience dealing with architects, Ed recognized the quality standards of construction and appreciated the ability to bring personal touches to their new home by customizing the plan.

Both Ed and Alice are avid golfers and enjoy the many activities promoting health found at BellaVita. “The ameni- ties, homes and community design are all top notch. We just can’t imagine a better place to call home.”