Citrus County And Crystal River Are A Water Sport Paradise!

Dating back to the 1880’s when Florida first started to experience its early surge in growth, the waterways and surrounding area of Crystal River and Homosassa Springs were acknowledged as one of Florida’s most picturesque and pristine settings.


Since that era there has been a lot of changes in the state. Yet, despite the over development and concrete jungle created in many other coastal areas, in Citrus County you’ll still find the untainted beauty early visitors documented.

This pristine area known as the Nature Coast, delivers a preserved environment where Florida’s greatest natural treasures continue to flourish. Existing here is an outdoor paradise rich with recreational opportunities that span from hiking to world-class fishing.

Among the most popular offerings of the area is a smorgasbord of saltwater and freshwater activities. For anglers there’s plenty of world-class fishing opportunities that include the over 20 mile long Tsala Apopka lake chain, as well as the area’s famous spring fed rivers leading to the shimmering open waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Boating enthusiasts will also enjoy recreation that includes everything from cruising and sailing in the Gulf, to relaxing rides on the rivers with pleasure craft that span from pontoon boats to jet skis. For the eco-oriented, the entire area is also noted as a haven for canoe and kayaking enthusiasts of all ages.

Of course, no discussion of water sports in Citrus County can be complete without mention of snorkeling and scuba diving. Long known as a Mecca for divers from around the world, the area’s crystal clear rivers and springs offer an exciting diving encounter.

Enhancing the experience are the many beautiful fish, plentiful plants and animal life including Florida’s largest concentration of playful manatees throughout the winter season. In 2010, Coastal Magazine noted the Crystal River as one of the top three snorkeling locations in the world.

If water sports are among your pastime pursuits, Citrus County is sure to fill your heart and days with endless joy.