Mike And Jean Haight Chose Terra Vista And A Florida Lifestyle

For years Mike and Jean Haight had been visiting relatives in Ocala and exploring the entire region. Those experiences convinced them that this general area of Florida was ultimately where they wanted to retire. When the time came they were faced with the decision of just where in the area they would settle for their new home.

“It was love at first sight,” Jean says, “I was on a fact finding mission while Mike was still in California when I drove up to Terra Vista and saw the entrance and beautifully manicured landscaping. I just knew that this was the place for us.”

Within a couple of weeks Mike visited and without hesitation agreed that they had found the jewel they had been seeking. They both were attracted to the area’s natural beauty. And, the community, with its great recreational amenities, offered the type of neighborhood they wanted to call home.

“The hills, oaks and environment of the area reminded me of central Wisconsin where we had grown up,” notes Mike. “It was important for us to find a place that was pleasurable, not overcrowded, yet would measure up to the type of sophisticated surroundings we had lived around for twenty years in California. Terra Vista was the place that really met the criteria.”

It’s been four years since Mike and Jean Height first moved cross country and they still feel they made the perfect lifestyle decision. Mike has developed a passion for golf, while Jean eagerly uses BellaVita’s incredible fitness facilities to stay fit and trim.

“The amenities are wonderful, but it’s the neighborly feel about the community and Citrus County in general that we find so refreshing,”emphasizes Jean. “This is the kind of place where you feel comfortable interacting with people from different walks of life. There are great people here, and because of the suburbia setting we get to know and better appreciate our neighbors.”

The Haight’s also have emphasized the professional assistance of their salesperson and the quality of their home as added reasons for their level of satisfaction as residents of Terra Vista.