BellaVita Spa & Fitness Center At Florida's Lifestyle Community

Keeping you fit, healthy and looking great is what motivates Lee Thompson. As the Director of Fitness at the BellaVita Spa & Fitness Center, Lee and his entire staff of professional trainers and spa technicians know that health and fitness are the buzz words of the times.

Backed by his over 21 years of health and fitness experience, Lee has helped support BellaVita’s world-class facilities with world-class experiences. In every detail, from the way members are greeted at the reception desk to the cleaning of the plush locker rooms, this is a private facility unmatched in the realm of Sunbelt lifestyle communities.

“At BellaVita you’ll find a fitness and spa that perfectly mesh. There are other first-class spas in the nation. However, what makes BellaVita very unusual is having a matching fitness facility that offers the same level of user experience in terms of equipment level, staff expertise and physical beauty,” comments Lee, when reflecting about the world-class 45,000 sq. ft. facility.

To meet community preferences, BellaVita staff continually interacts with members to understand their needs. Growing out of this communication is over 200 monthly group classes and monitoring of programs dedicated to promoting health and fitness.

“My active involvement in the fitness business has allowed me to see a multitude of different clubs around the country. Honestly, when you look at the other country club communities the thought of having a facility like BellaVita is not in their cards. Enjoying it at our affordable membership dues would be unheard of.” Social membership at the Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club includes full use of BellaVita’s facilities, extensive choice of fitness classes at no extra cost and access to the club’s extensive spa services.

While visiting on a Discovery Visit all overnight guests are entitled to full BellaVita member privileges.