Villages Of Citrus Hills: Great Day Trip Micanopy

Located just about one hour north of the Villages of Citrus Hills in Alachua County, the historic town of Micanopy is commonly referred to as “the town that time forgot.”  It is the oldest inland town in all of Florida, and that fact is made clear by the amount of history that this small town proudly displays. 


With its interesting historic attractions, eclectic shopping selection, great restaurants and southern hospitality, Micanopy makes for a wonderful day trip for Citrus Hills residents that are looking to relax in a place where time seems to stand still. 

 Micanopy’s Historic Attractions

 One of the most popular attractions in the Micanopy area is Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park.

The park is known for its large collection of hiking trails, which makes it an excellent place to view wildlife and foliage. Grab a map from the park ranger’s office and you will be able to select a trail that has the perfect amount of hiking for you.

 Another popular Micanopy attraction is the Micanopy Historical Society Museum.

 This old building has enough history to it that it could be considered a museum even without its contents. However, it is filled with all sorts of items that detail the local history of Micanopy. Fans of that “Old Florida” feel will absolutely love this museum. 

 You also might want to consider stopping at the Micanopy Cemetery.  It contains a number of graves that date back to the Civil War. This beautiful little cemetery has a calm, yet eerie vibe to it that you might expect from an older cemetery. 

 Shopping in Micanopy

 If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, The Shop in Micanopy offers visitors exactly that. This old building contains room after room of eclectic collections that amount to 3500 square feet of some of the most interesting shopping you will find anywhere. 

The Shop sells everything from folk art and unique collectibles to home furnishings and seasonal decor. You will find both antiques and contemporary items here, and you really never know what to expect when you turn a corner. The interesting items for sale at The Shop make it a true destination experience in Micanopy. 

 Bookworms will also want to stop by O. Brisky Books on Cholokka Boulevard to check out their impressive collection of used and rare books. The store places a strong emphasis on books that cover local topics, and you will find some extremely rare books here.

 Dining in Micanopy

 You aren’t going to find any high-end dining options in Micanopy, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to go hungry either. There is plenty of outstanding food to be had in this historic town. 


 The Pearl Country Store & Barbecue might throw you off because it looks more like a gas station and grocery store than a Yelp four-star restaurant, but that is part of the charm. This place has some of the best barbecue in all of Florida, and the staff has that “Old Florida” southern charm that you would expect from a small town diner!

Another great restaurant in Micanopy is Blue Highway, which makes the type of pizzas that could be considered a work of art. Take your pick from any of the specialty pizzas on their menu and you will surely be impressed. 

 The town of Micanopy might not show up on the “must see” lists of very many tourist publications, but that is part of the charm for this historic small town.

 If you are looking for a day trip to a setting that symbolizes exactly what people mean when they refer to “Old Florida,” then the hour drive up to Micanopy from the Villages of Citrus Hills will be time well spent.