To Guard Against Price Increases Use Delay Start Construction

So you know in your heart the Citrus Hills area is the place and lifestyle you want to enjoy. But you feel moving forward on planning your new home seems a little daunting.


That’s where the Citrus Hills Delay Start Program has helped today’s home buyers feel comfortable. With this proven plan, purchasers gain the time necessary to pre-plan their purchase without the pressure of needing to start building.

Under this arrangement purchaser’s actually select their top choice home site, lock-in the price and put off the start of construction for up to one full year. Planning and Decorating appointments are pushed back to accommodate the delayed cycle of construction. At the conclusion of the Delay Start Program period construction begins with delivery of the home in 6 to 7 months.

This results in delivery of a new home in no less than one and a half years from purchase date.

With mounting concern over inflation and commodity prices, the Delay Start Program provides an ideal opportunity to guard against the threat of price increases.

“Most agree that new home prices are at the lowest level possible,” says Jim Crosley, the firm’s Sales Manager. “As the cards start to play out in the market, buyers who guaranteed the current low prices are going to look like geniuses.”

As reported by purchasers, the plan also provides a framework for goal setting, carefully planning a major relocation and establishing a clear agenda for selling a current home.

For details about the Delay Start Program contact your representative at the Welcome Center, 800-311-0814.