The Custom Touch. A Bespoke Approach To Home Building In Florida

All too often today’s home shopper encounters a stonewall when requesting custom adjustments in their new home. The unwillingness to change a plan has left many new home buyers frustrated and unfulfilled.

At Terra Vista and Brentwood the home building philosophy is to embrace redesigning homes that get customers exactly the lifestyle surroundings they really want. Regardless of the size of home or model, owners can explore any level of customization they wish. Helping to make it all happen is Don Caravella, Planning Coordinator.

As part of the home building process all clients meet with Don in a Planning Session to discuss potential design changes. To help customers, computer generated drawings are used to review changes.

Whether a customer wishes to make simple changes such as modifying a room size or elaborate redesign of a home layout, buyers can confidently rely on a design and construction team dedicated to creating the desired end result.