Fresh Air: Great Patio Seating in Citrus County

The summer months are right around the corner, but we don't have to wait for summer to enjoy a meal out on the patio here in Citrus County. Residents of the Villages of Citrus Hills enjoy great weather throughout the entire year, and we are always looking for great local restaurants with patio seating.

If you are looking for a new idea for a dinner that involves open-air dining, here are some of our favorite options in Citrus County.

Skyview Restaurant and The Tiki Bar 

No surprise here! Some of the best patio seating options can be found right here inside the Villages of Citrus Hills.

The lanai at Skyview Restaurant overlooking the 18th green of the Skyview course is a wonderful spot to relax with your favorite beverage, friends, and take in a breathtaking sunset.


And then there’s the Tiki Bar at The Grille, a resident favorite with live music, a great menu, and handcrafted drinks to satisfy any thirst. It's 4,500 square feet of fun with spectacular sunsets thrown in at no charge!



Peck's Old Port Cove

Any list featuring local restaurants with excellent outdoor seating in Citrus County has to include Peck's Old Port Cove. This popular spot has been serving up delicious seafood at the end of North Ozello Trail for years, and the stunning view from their patio never gets old.  In addition to the perks of dining on their patio, guests at Peck's also get to see some beautiful scenery as they make their way out to the restaurant. This makes the trip out feel like a vacation, even though it's not very far from home.


Stumpknockers Restaurant

Another local seafood restaurant that is also known for their waterfront view and outdoor seating is Stumpknockers Restaurant, located right on the banks of the Withlacoochee River.

This is a popular destination for tourists who are heading out on boat tours, but locals know that they also boast one of the most inviting outdoor seating areas in all of Citrus County. We recommend pulling up a chair next to one of their fire pits and enjoying your fried seafood next to the fire.

Vintage on 5th

When it's time to celebrate a special occasion, Vintage on 5th is one of the classiest options in all of Citrus County. But many people make the mistake of dining inside, rather than out on their porch.  The food is going to blow your mind no matter where you sit, but adding the excitement of eating outside takes the Vintage on 5th experience to an even higher level.




McLeod House Bistro

Another fine dining favorite in Citrus County is McLeod House Bistro, where you will find entrees like Boursin Raspberry Stuffed Chicken and Pan Seared Duck Breast with a Port Wine and Berry Sauce.  In addition to their fantastic food, McLeod House Bistro offers a romantic outdoor dining experience on their deck sitting under the stars.



Margarita Breeze

The place to be for a great sunset is this riverfront spot offering views of Kings Bay.  Keep your eyes open for a glimpse of the dolphins and manatees that play in the bay.  The casual outside seating includes a tiki bar and a large covered patio with a menu featuring fresh seafood, pasta and steaks.

Whether you are looking for the best views in Citrus County, some fantastic high-end dining options, or a quick bite to eat at a local picnic table, there are all kinds of restaurants with outdoor seating to choose from in Citrus County. The best way to decide which one is your favorite is to make sure to visit all of them!

Fish Fridays: 5 Local Seafood Restaurants to Visit During Lent

No matter what your religious affiliation, almost everyone can appreciate a good fish fry. And while many religions require a meatless diet on Fridays during forty days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, just as many non-religious people participate in the tradition simply because seafood is delicious.

The restaurants within the Villages of Citrus Hills have great seafood entrees available every Friday. There are also many great restaurants in Citrus County serving a great fish Friday, so we’ve pulled together a list of five seafood restaurants for you to try.  

There are so many in our area we’ll probably have to do a listing every month.

Seafood Seller & Cafe

The Seafood Seller & Cafe has a casual atmosphere and is located inside the Crystal River Mall, where they anchor the food court. They stay one of the most popular seafood restaurants in all of Citrus County.

If you’ve never visited before, you will not believe the quality of the food that can be found at the mall! One of the signature items to try is the Blue Crab Balls, but everything on the menu is fantastic. Other popular selections include the Blackened Mahi Mahi Tacos, Blackened Grouper Dinner, Oyster Po Boy Sandwiches, and Crawfish!

Peck’s Old Port Cove

If you like your seafood to come with a view, Peck’s Old Port Cove at the end of the scenic Ozello Trail is the perfect destination. Here you can pull up a chair overlooking the water of Crystal Bay right in the heart of Crystal River Preserve State Park.

Soft Shell Blue crabs are one of the specialties here, and Peck’s does an appreciable job of sautéing them in plenty of butter. They also serve a delicious fried seafood platter.

Stumpknockers on the River

Another renowned fish spot in Citrus County is Stumpknockers on the River. This locally owned restaurant sits right on the Withlacoochee River, and their most popular specialty is the Fried Catfish Dinner. There are many Lent-friendly entrees on their menu, like the Peel & Eat Shrimp, Stuffed Flounder, and the Fab 4, which features shrimp, scallops, mussels, and crab legs.

Dan’s Clam Stand

Many people make the mistake of assuming that fried fish is all that there is to eat on Fridays during Lent, but that definitely isn’t the case. At Dan’s Clam Stand, shellfish is their passion. Here you will find amazing deep fried shrimp and clams and wonderful conch fritters.

Katch Twenty-Two

Another common misconception about the Lent season is that the seafood has to be fried and served in an ultra-casual environment. If you are looking to buck that trend and go for something a bit elegant, Katch Twenty-Two is one of Citrus County’s premier seafood restaurants. There is a wide range of options on Chef Richard’s constantly evolving menu, but amazing seafood dishes are always a feature that takes advantage of our location along the Gulf Coast.

The Lenten season stretches out for a total of seven Fridays during the months of March and April this year, but it doesn’t even have to be a Friday during Lent for you to enjoy one of these excellent local seafood restaurants. No matter when you plan to visit, make sure you are hungry when you do