Around the World: 6 Local Restaurants with an International Flair


It's no secret that the Villages of Citrus Hills is surrounded by excellent restaurants of all types, but we don't always show proper appreciation for just how diverse that selection actually is.  

In order to highlight that diversity, we are going to take you on a quick trip around the globe to experience six different cultures without ever leaving the state of Florida.  

Is your appetite ready to handle this adventure?

 Cuban - Havana House Cafe

Havana House.png

For the first stop on our world culinary tour, we are heading south to Cuba for a taste of the tropics at Havana House in Lecanto. The specialty here is the Traditional Cubano, which comes with Spanish ham, sliced or pulled pork, pickles, Swiss cheese, and mustard.  

If you are looking to get even more authentic with your dining choices, you will want to try the Lechon Asado. Or you could also order one of the delicious starters like Tostones Rellenos, Cuban Empanadas, or Caribbean Wings.  

French - La Cuisine French Restaurant 


When you are ready for a high-end meal, we're heading east across the Atlantic for some of the best French cuisine you've ever tasted. And it's right up the road in Ocala. La Cuisine French Restaurant is owned and operated by Patrice and Elodie Perron.

Patrice was raised in the heart of France, and he has always had a passion for the kitchen, which explains why everything served at his elegant restaurant tastes so phenomenal. Whether you opt for Duck A l'Orange, Bourguignon Beef, or Boneless Beef Short Ribs, you really can't make a wrong decision at La Cuisine.  

Italian - Mesa de Notte 

Mesa de notte.jpg

The next stop on our world tour is also located in Ocala, but the food has moved to Italy. Mesa de Notte offers a fantastic selection of Italian dishes that include all of the tried and true classics along with some interesting new twists.  

For those looking for the familiar options, there is Fettuccini Alfredo, Angelo Osso Bucco, and Chicken Parmigiana.

But if you are thinking about getting adventurous, there are also choices like Mahi Piccata.  

Mediterranean - Taverna Manos 


Our final stop for European flair on this world tour will be Taverna Manos in Crystal River. When you are in the mood for great Mediterranean food in Citrus County, this is always going to be one of the top places on the list.  

Like any great Mediterranean spot, the gyros are the star of the show at Taverna Manos, and they never disappoint. On top of serving world-class gyros, they also offer a wide range of other Mediterranean cuisine that will keep you coming back for more.  

Thai - Bangkok Thai 


This wouldn't be a world tour without a quick stop in Asia for some delicious Thai food, and that is exactly what we are going to find at Bangkok Thai in Beverly Hills.  

If you are a fan of Thai food, then you already know what to order. If this is going to be your first experience, start with the Spring Rolls and then take your pick from one of the curries or the Pad Thai.  

World Fusion 


This restaurant has been a great edition to the international theme in Citrus County.  World Fusion integrates fresh ingredients with Asian flavors for a unique and delicious fusion of cultures.  

In addition to sushi and sashimi, they also offer a variety of dishes from different Asian cultures, including traditional Japanese, Thai, and Chinese. The menu includes a variety of healthy choices, as well as many vegetarian friendly dishes. 

With all of the amazing ethic cuisine available here in Florida, residents at the Villages of Citrus Hills never have to go very far to find truly spectacular meals of all kinds. The only tricky part is choosing the right type of meal to fit your mood!

5 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day near the Villages of Citrus Hills

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner, and if you don’t already have something planned for your significant other, you are already behind the eight ball. But don’t worry, because we have got you covered with some of the best local and not-so-local options for a romantic dinner out on the town.

Vintage on 5th, Crystal River

If you are looking to stay local and have a romantic meal, Vintage on 5th in Crystal River is going to be one of the top options on your list. This former church building has been completely renovated into a warm and inviting restaurant. And on top of the wonderful ambiance, you will also find some truly fantastic meals here.

The main focus of the menu is fresh fish and hand-cut beef, so you are going to have plenty of choices from both land and sea. There is also a delicious list of side dishes like fried green tomatoes. And in the event, that you don’t want to go all out with a formal meal, you could also opt to hang at the wine bar and order from their awesome tapas menu.

Katch Twenty Two, Lecanto

Another great new restaurant that is also close to home is Katch Twenty Two, located in Lecanto. Chef Richard Wiggins has only been operating here since 2016, but he brings with him a lifetime of experience making some of the most delicious cuisine.

Seafood is the name of the game at Katch Twenty Two, and Chef Richard puts his own unique twists on a wide range of a constantly evolving menu. No matter what you order here, you are sure to get a flavor experience that you will not soon forget.

Motor City Pasta Company, Inverness

For some couples, the only requirements for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration is a large margherita pizza, a bottle of wine, and a great movie. If that sounds like you, then you probably already have a few bottles of wine and a Netflix subscription, so all that’s missing is a great pizza.

Located right up the road in Inverness, Motor City Pasta Company is one of the best spots for pizza in all of Citrus County, and it is close enough to the Villages of Citrus Hills that you can pick up your pie and make it home before it cools off.

La Cuisine French Restaurant, Ocala

Part of the romantic experience of a fabulous dinner date is the conversations that you will have with your partner on the way to and from the restaurant. If you would like to allow plenty of time for those conversations to percolate, a venture out to Ocala is the perfect choice, and La Cuisine French Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in town.

If you are craving a classic French dish like Duck à l'orange, you can definitely find that on Chef Patrice Perron’s menu. But there is also Hand Cut Beef Filet and Breaded Grouper on the menu.

Cuvee 103, Clearwater

Nothing says romance quite like an overnight trip to a coastal town, and if you are planning a trip like that, Cuvee 103 in Clearwater is the perfect place to make dinner reservations for that special evening.

They are running a great three course prix fix menu for Valentine’s Day that is sure to delight your taste buds, ranging from duck breast and Chilean sea bass to surf ’n turf and lobster-stuffed beef tenderloin.

Whether you are looking for something close to home or an overnight trip complete with a romantic dinner, there are more than a few fantastic choices surrounding the Villages of Citrus Hills.

In addition to all of the great restaurants surrounding our community, keep in mind that both Skyview Restaurant and The Grille are also planning fabulous menus for your Valentine’s Day celebration.




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Sushi for Days: Nearby Sushi Restaurants

Over the past decade, sushi has been one of the fastest growing cuisines for people who like to eat out on a regular basis. Sushi is delicious, and is typically on the healthy side of the food spectrum, and if you know what you are doing it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either! 

Whether you prefer the flavors of raw salmon and tuna, crunchy tempura battered shrimp, or just a simple California Roll, there are multiple choices for getting sushi within a short drive of the Villages of Citrus Hills.  

sushi o logo.jpg

Sushi-O is a unique experience that takes the time to think of new ways to incorporate a number of different local ingredients in with their traditional Japanese flavors. You will find them in a little plaza off of West Norvell Bryant Highway in Lecanto.

Zesty Edamame Salad

Zesty Edamame Salad

An entire page of the menu is devoted to their impressive selection of specialty rolls, where you will find classics like the Kamikaze Roll and Rainbow Roll. They also have some creative twists on the classics like their Tempura Philly Roll. 

If you’re looking for sushi in the Crystal River area, Ginger Asian Bistro is the first place you are going to want to stop. They’re located on Highway 19 and offer a great mix of Chinese and Japanese cuisine.  

Part of the massive menu includes a long list of specialty rolls. Try their Crystal River Roll, which includes shrimp tempura with avocado. 

Ginger Asian Bistro also has excellent lunch specials. Take your pick of two or three classic rolls along with soup or salad.

Fuji Asian Bistro, Homosassa 

Located along Suncoast Blvd in Homosassa, Fuji Asian Bistro is the real deal when it comes to Asian-style seafood here in Citrus County. Their menu features a dynamic selection of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine where you will find plenty of great sushi.

Szechuan Snapper

Szechuan Snapper

If you are looking to try something outside the box, their Gator Roll is one of the best sellers on the menu! And if you are heading out with someone who isn’t a sushi fan, the sweet and sour chicken here is excellent as well.  

Three More Options in Ocala

If you are on a serious quest to find the best sushi around, you will also want to plan a few trips out to Ocala. There you will find three fantastic options in Asian Pop, Edo Sushi & Japanese Steakhouse, and Grace Sushi.

Each of these restaurants offer a slightly different type of atmosphere, but at their core they are all built around serving up some of the most delicious sushi rolls you have ever tried.

With three great choices, right here in Citrus County, and three more in nearby Ocala, the sushi lovers of Citrus Hills are well-equipped to dine on their favorite combinations of raw and fried seafood pretty much every day of the week if they like.