Maintenance-Free Living In The Villages Of Citrus Hills


One of the biggest appeals of life along the Nature Coast of Florida is the relaxed lifestyle that the area promotes. For most people, general maintenance like yard work and painting are not included in that picture. When planning their relocation, future residents have an easy time picturing themselves relaxing on the beach, boating, or playing golf. Very few future residents relish the idea of cutting grass and trimming hedges.

The Villages of Citrus Hills understands that the idea of maintenance-free living has tremendous appeal for many potential residents. For that reason, we have created Care-Free Homes, which include all of the regular exterior maintenance on your new home in the Villages of Citrus Hills.

These Care-Free Homes are a great option for potential residents with varying lifestyles:

The Snowbirds

If you are considering purchasing a home along Florida’s Nature Coast, but you only intend to use it during the winter months, the Care-Free Homes at Citrus Hills offer an option that would allow you to simply lock the door and leave for the summer.

While you are away, you won’t have to give a second thought to whether or not the exterior of your house is being maintained. Everything will be kept in perfect condition while you are gone, and will look exactly the same when you return.

Frequent Travelers

Perhaps you aren’t a snowbird per se, but instead do quite a bit of traveling. Having a Care-Free Home would allow you to just pick up and go anywhere in the world at a moments notice, without having to hire someone to care for your lawn or water your flowers.

Business Executives

Even if you are planning to live in the Villages of Citrus Hills year round, that does not necessarily mean you are going to have the time to care for your home. Many of our residents still work, and prefer the Care-Free Home option simply because they would rather spend their free time relaxing after a long work week.


One of the most popular reasons that residents of Citrus Hills elect to go with a Care-Free Home is that they just don’t want to be bothered with maintenance work. Many residents have spent their entire lives maintaining homes, cutting grass, and landscaping. These people simply don’t want to spend their retirement caught up in yard work, and who can blame them?

Care-Free Homes in the Villages of Citrus Hills are available in both theTerra Vista and Brentwood neighborhoods. Future residents can choose from nine different floor plans. The Care-Free packages include lawn maintenance and irrigation, all aspects of landscaping, and maintaining the paint on the exterior of the home.

To get a look at floor plans of the Care-Free homes visit the “Homes” page of our website and browse the plans. Then just imagine basking in the Florida sun and having a beautiful Care-Free home in one of the most incredible communities you will ever discover!

Whether you are a snowbird, frequent traveler, business executive, or just someone who doesn’t want to be bogged down in yard work and exterior maintenance, the Care-Free Homes in the Villages of Citrus Hills offer a great way to truly enjoy your Nature Coast lifestyle.