Learn All About The Dog Parks Near The Villages Of Citrus Hills

One of the Best Things to Do in Florida for Fido is Letting Him Run Free.


Learn About the Dog Parks at the Villages of Citrus Hills

Parks that are specifically designed to cater to dog lovers have become increasingly popular in recent years and residents in the Villages of Citrus Hills have plenty of local options. 

Dog parks also offer great social advantages for both dogs and owners.Dogs are naturally social animals, and dog parks give them the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs. This gives the dogs a healthy way to expend energy that usually leads to improved behavior at home and overall healthier dogs. Dog parks also provide a place for fellow dog lovers to meet and talk about their pets.

The New Rockwood Park Dog Park

One of the exciting recent additions to our community is the dog park at Rockwood Park, located in the Villages of Citrus Hills “Terra Vista” neighborhood. In addition to the fitness trail, basketball court, and children’s playground, there is now a dog park that provides a fun environment for dog lovers and their four-legged friends to socialize.

The new dog park features separate fenced-in areas for large and small dogs. There is also a covered resting and water station, restrooms, and a doggie rinse area. Playful dogs will be drawn to the water play features, including the spraying fire hydrants. They will also love digging in the bone-shaped sand traps. The park also contains dog-friendly walking paths, benches for owners to relax, and “Poo Mail Service” stations for disposing of doggie waste.

Bark Central Dog Park

Another popular dog park that is close to the Villages of Citrus Hills is theBark Central Dog Park located in Inverness. This fee-based park is an impressive 15 acres and is split into two different sections based on the size of your dog. This wide-open park contains many large oak trees and picnic tables for owners to relax while their dogs play. There are also complimentary waste bags for easy cleanup.

One of the best features of Bark Central is that each section of the park contains a swimming pond that is appropriately sized for the dogs in that area. If your dog loves playing in the water, this will definitely be their favorite park. If your dog gets too messy, cleanup is easy with the park’s outdoor rinse station and forced air dryer.

Dog Walking at Local Parks


While they may not have the fenced-in, leash-free zones that many dog parks have, there are still plenty of parks near the Villages of Citrus Hills that permit dog walking on their trails. Here are some local parks that permit dog walking:


Beverly Hills Community Park
Central Ridge District Park
Eagleton Park
Floral Park
Holden Community Park
Homosassa Area Recreational Park
Lecanto Community Park
Water Tower Park 

Each of these parks allow dogs under the condition that they are kept on leashes and the owners clean up after them.

Dog parks can provide great exercise and a fun social environment for dogs of all sizes. They are also a great way for local dog-lovers to meet and interact with each other. Between the new dog park in the Villages of Citrus Hills, the Bark Central Dog Park in Inverness, and all of the other dog-friendly parks and trails around Citrus County, there are lots of great places for you and your dog to enjoy the great outdoors!

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