Last-Minute Guide To Getting The Lanai Summer Ready

Bringing your living room out on the lanai is one of the perks of being a Florida resident.


Once again this year, it seems like the time is just flying by us. Memorial Day has come and gone, and if you are like most people, you might still be scrambling to get your outdoor space together. 

Well this is your fair warning: The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and if you aren’t ready by then you might as well just wait until next year! 

In all seriousness, a big part of the reason you chose to live in the Villages of Citrus Hills is that the weather is absolutely fabulous here. So make sure that you are prepared to enjoy it! 

Here are some great last minute ideas and inspirations to make sure that your outdoor space is the place to be this summer. 

Have Enough Seating 

 One of the key components of any great outdoor space is seating. You need to make sure that there is plenty to go around, and that the seating is actually comfortable. 

Most decks and patios start with a basic table and chairs, but you don’t have to stop there. Outdoor living room sets are becoming increasingly popular, and built-in bench seating is another available option. 

No matter what type of seating you start with, adding one or two interesting options that have something unique about them is a great way to add your own style to the space. 

Creative Lighting 


One of the beautiful times to use your outdoor space is in the evenings…provided you have some type of lighting options.  Standard floodlights always work, but you might want to look into more creative options at your local home improvement store. Strings of lights overhead can add a really fun vibe to your space.

Don’t underestimate the impact that an open flame can have either! Adding a fire pit or an assortment of candles might be all the light your space needs. 

Create Some Shade 

If you are going to sit outside during the day, shade will be a top concern. Building a custom pergola or installing a retractable awning will definitely do the trick.

If you would prefer a faster, less expensive option, the classic patio umbrella can be just as effective. Perhaps you might want to look into getting the type that doesn’t require a table for your space. 

Cooking Outdoors

You can have your entire outdoor space perfectly setup, but if you run out of propane on July 4, your party is doomed. Make sure that everything you need for a cookout is tuned up and ready to go! 

If you are looking to invest a little bit of money here, anything you can do to upgrade your grilling space will make the outdoor experience more enjoyable for the cook.  Perhaps an outdoor fridge or built in beverage cooler? 

Plants & Flowers 

Memorial Day is the target date to get flowers planted for the summer, but you can always plant and put out pots or baskets full of blooming flowers at any time after that.  You’ll definitely want to get on those flowers as soon as possible because they make such a nice addition to the outdoor space.  But make it easy on yourself and buy some of the pre-made baskets for your space! 

Water Features 

One easy way to ruin the appeal of your outdoor space is to have an eyesore like a water feature that is either dirty or doesn’t work. Make it a priority to get your water feature up and running smoothly as soon as possible so that you can spend your summer enjoying it, rather than dreading working on it. 

Getting your outdoor space ready for summer can be a fun project.  But you have to get yourself motivated to get the work done sooner rather than later, because time is definitely of the essence here. 

Enjoy your summer!