Florida Retirement Surrounded By Beauty And Financial Advantages

There are many reasons that draw people to Florida, especially here on the west coast of Central Florida.


It’s no secret that the fantastic year-round weather makes Florida an idea location to spend your retirement. But that’s not the only great thing that makes Florida the perfect place to retire. Active adults are also attracted to the beautiful scenery and financial advantages that accompany the Florida retirement lifestyle. 

It just so happens that residents of the Villages of Citrus Hills are in a prime location to take advantage of all three of those great aspects of life in Florida.

 An article that was recently published in the Citrus County Chronicle discussed a study from SmartAsset that named nearby Inverness as the second-best place in Florida for retirees based on these main quality-of-life factors for retirees: 

taxes (income and sales tax),
number of doctors’ offices
opportunity for recreation and a social life 

Being in the same county gives Citrus Hills residents the same advantages as those in Inverness. 

There is also an article from The Culture Trip that lists the ten most beautiful towns in Florida, and many of them are no more than a stone’s throw from the Villages of Citrus Hills. 

One of the best things about life at the Villages of Citrus Hills is that you are in a prime location to venture out and explore all of these beautiful places throughout the state of Florida. 

Here are some of the places mentioned in those articles that are close by for all Citrus Hills residents to enjoy:

 Cedar Key 

There is no denying that Cedar Key is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Florida. Between the wildlife preserves, the dockside shopping, and the local restaurants, it is the type of place that you wouldn’t think twice about traveling across the country to visit. 

Of course, that isn’t necessary for residents of the Villages of Citrus Hills, because Cedar Key is located only a little over an hour away.

 Crystal River 

If you are looking for manatees along the Nature Coast, Crystal River is the place to start. This great little town is only 20 minutes west of The Villages of Citrus Hills. 

In addition to tons of great manatee attractions, there is also plenty of kayaking and other water activities available to keep visitors coming back over and over again….just like the manatees do!

 Dade City 

Dade City features one of the most beautiful downtown areas you will find in any small town. The streets are lined with antique shops and lots of unique boutique stores.

 Located only about an hour south of the Villages of Citrus Hills, Dade City is a very popular shopping destination among residents. 



 Located just about 15 minutes southeast of the Villages of Citrus Hills, Inverness is a popular destination for residents. It is home to many of the arts and culture amenities that residents are fond of, and also features a regular farmers’ market and a popular dog park.


From old cemeteries and Civil War exhibits to antiques and used books, history is what Micanopy does best. This great “Old Florida” town is located about an hour north of the Villages of Citrus Hills and is the perfect day trip for anyone fascinated with the beauty of the past.

Mount Dora 

 Antique shopping is the name of the game in Mount Dora, which is located about 75 minutes east of the Villages of Citrus Hills. This adorable little town is another excellent representation of “Old Florida.”

 While the shopping and restaurants are plenty to keep visitors coming back over and over again, you will also want to look into some of the great tours that are offered around town!

 Winter Park 

 With more than 70 different parks, there are an unbelievable number of places to kick back and relax in Winter Park. This small town is located about 90 minutes southeast of the Villages of Citrus Hills, near Orlando. 

While the number of beautiful small towns in Florida can be overwhelming, the good news is that you don’t have to choose any one town. Residents of the Villages of Citrus Hills have the ability to enjoy the perks of each of these towns because they are all located within a short drive of the community!