Clearwater Super Boat National Championship & Seafood Festival

A boat parade Friday, a fireworks display Saturday on Clearwater Beach and a seafood festival are all part of the event festivities.


Are you looking to add a little bit of excitement to your regular Gulf Coast weekend routine?  The adrenaline will be pumping in Clearwater at the end of September during the Bright House Clearwater Super Boat National Championship & Seafood Festival. 

On the final weekend of the month, the beaches of Clearwater will be lined with thousands of people set to watch these incredibly fast super boats duel each other. At the same time, the nearby hotels and restaurants will be hosting one of the largest seafood festivals in the area. 

It’s Bright House-Clearwater Super Boat week!! Come out Friday September 25th for the Cleveland St District Block Party and Super Boat parade in downtown Clearwater!

The fun begins at 5:30pm! The Tampa Bay Times Super Boat parade at 6:15pm, concerts by the David Smash Band and Johnny Guitar and Bluestar Band at 7:00pm with free encore performances in the Capitol Theater at 9pm!

See the boats and teams up close - Get Autographs and Photos - Enjoy Great Food and beverages.

 What is a Super Boat? 

 Super boats are some of the fastest boasts in the entire world. Some of the most competitive boats are equipped with as many as four engines and can generate an incredible 6,000 horsepower and reach speeds in the neighborhood of 180 miles per hour. 

Combine that type of amazing power with the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and you can expect to see some incredible races. 

These boats are actually so powerful that they require a two-person team to operate them. One person on the team is tasked solely with steering the boat, while the other person is in charge of managing the throttle. Imagine the amount of teamwork and practice that goes into that!

 What to Expect at the Event 

Most of the action on this wild weekend will take place at the Baystar Race Village. Starting at 12 pm on Friday, September 25, visitors will be able to see the boats, meet the teams, and even get autographs and pictures. 

The Baystar Race Village will be open all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On each of those days there will be plenty of great food and beverage options available for purchase, as well as lots of vendors and free entertainment. 

Saturday is the official Seafood Festival at the Baystar Race Village, so you won’t want to miss that.

 In addition to everything happening at the Baystar Race Village, there will also be a block party and concert in the Cleveland Street District and a super boat parade on Cleveland Street on Friday night. 

 There will be fireworks at Pier 60 on Saturday night, and you can purchase tickets to watch the races on Sunday from Pier 60 or you might choose to watch the races from the 8th floor terrace of the Hyatt Resort. 

The VIP Experience 

If you  want to get the full super boat experience, you might consider purchasing a VIP access ticket. 


This will get you admission to the Baystar Race Village VIP Party and Meet and Greet on Friday night, and the VIP Party at Shephard’s Beach Resort on Saturday. 

You might also want to consider purchasing admission to the Spectator Cruise on Sunday. Everyone aboard the cruise will have a great view of the races, as well as a continental breakfast, lunch buffet, and cash bar. 

VIP Packages are priced at $100 for adults and $20 for children. The Spectator Cruise is $75 for adults and $45 for children. 

Helping Local Charities 

Not only is the Clearwater Super Boat National Championship & Seafood Festival going to be a great time packed with crazy excitement and delicious seafood, it is also going to benefit two amazing local charities! 

All proceeds from this event will be donated to the Clearwater Community Sailing Center and Sailability. Both organizations work to provide sailing opportunities for many local residents. 

You might be coming strictly for the races and enjoying the seafood as a bonus treat. Or you might be coming just for the great food and viewing the races as something extra to do. 

Either way, there is going to be plenty of both all weekend at the Bright House Clearwater Super Boat National Championship & Seafood Festival. 

Since Clearwater is located less than two hours away from the Villages of Citrus Hills, you can choose to head down on whatever day is most appealing to you, or make a whole weekend out of it.

Either way, you are going to have a great time!