Benefits Of Living In Our Community Versus A Big City

Here are some of the benefits that the Villages of Citrus Hills offers that make life here so special.


When you are considering where to retire, it can be overwhelming to process all of the different options. One of the advantages of choosing the Villages of Citrus Hills is that residents here are able to access the feel of a small town community without giving up the benefits that would be available to them in a big city.

Golf & Tennis 

As you explore the community, you can’t help but notice the beautiful golf courses that are located here. Living in a big city might be great for dining and entertainment, but the city lifestyle could not include as much golf and tennis as close to home as life in Citrus Hills does. 

 There is the 18-hole Skyview Championship Course. Then, there are the two 18-hole courses known as The Oaks Course and The Meadows Course. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also the 9-hole Brentwood Course, and members actually have access to another course, Ocala National, located a short drive from the Villages of Citrus Hills. The golfing facilities also include two clubhouses, two pro shops, and state-of-the-art practice facilities. 

If tennis is your game of choice, then you will be thrilled to learn that there are two tennis clubs here that offer lessons for beginners to challenging tournaments and league play. 

First-Class Restaurants 

 One of the most popular things about the big city lifestyle is having plenty of great restaurants to choose from. However, with the fantastic options available inside the community at the Skyview Restaurant, The Grille, and the Tiki Bar, as well as the plethora of dining options just beyond the community gates, the Villages of Citrus Hills is able to offer residents the same level of gourmet dining that they would find in a big city, right here in Citrus County! 

BellaVita Spa 


Having a local spa to pamper yourself is another popular aspect of big city lifestyle, but the Villages of Citrus Hills offers the opportunity to have a world-class spa located right in your backyard. Residents can choose from a wide variety of spa treatments and receive services that are on par with any big city spa. 

Monthly Social Events & Entertainment 

Another great benefit of living at the Villages of Citrus Hills is that there is almost always something to do! The Activities Center staff takes great care to plan out a wide range of social, recreational, and dining events throughout each and every month. They also bring in a wide range of entertainers to perform each month. In order to have a great evening of fun at Citrus Hills, all you have to do is look at your calendar and show up at one of the great events! 

Close to Ocala/Tampa/Orlando/Gainesville

While the other four benefits are all nice to have, the key advantage to living at the Village of Citrus Hills versus a big city is that Citrus Hills residents can attend events in a number of different cities that are located only a short drive away. 

You can enjoy all of the great amenities that the Citrus Hills lifestyle offers, and if you want to attend a concert or a sporting event you can still be in Ocala, Tampa, Orlando, or Gainesville in an hour or less. You can enjoy the lower cost of living and small-town atmosphere that Citrus County offers, while still enjoying the big cities from time to time. 

Residents of the Villages of Citrus Hills have all of the benefits of big city life, while still experiencing the small town lifestyle but not the expenses of a big city. That is what makes living here such a perfect combination of experiences that you simply have to see for yourself.