Apps Designed To Make Your New Life In Florida Even Better

It seems the entire world is automated, digital-this, connected-that.  Here are a few of our own suggestions to keep you informed and organized while exploring Florida.


Getting adjusted to a new home, a new community, and new surroundings can be an overwhelming experience if you are not prepared for it. Luckily for us, we live in the 21st century and most of us have the power of the internet right at our fingertips. 

That smartphone in your pocket can do a whole lot more than make phone calls and check emails. There is an app for everything these days, and your new life exploring Florida (and specifically Citrus County) can definitely be helped by a few key apps that will make this transition easier on you and your family.

Here are five of our favorite apps for helping newer residents get acclimated to their new lives in the Villages of Citrus Hills. 

Florida 511

Florida 511 is the Florida-specific traffic app that will give you real time information about traffic conditions anywhere in the state. This can be a huge help if you are driving on the Interstates and looking to avoid traffic as much as possible. 

This app allows you to get travel times to specific destinations, updates on traffic incidents, construction reports, and even view many of the state’s traffic cameras in real time. 

The next time you are headed out on the highway towards any of the Florida metro areas, don’t forget to download the Florida 511 app. 

Florida State Parks

We have written extensively about the many fabulous state parks that surround the Villages of Citrus Hills, but when you are out and about, the Florida State Parks app is going to be your go-to resource for providing information about all of those parks. 

This app allows you to sort through all of the state parks based on location, entry fees, amenities, and a number of other characteristics. It also provides basic information and virtual tours for almost every state park in Florida. 

Explore Florida

If you are looking for more attractions beyond the state parks, the Explore Florida app is filled with travel news and advertisements for many of the best and most interesting attractions across the state of Florida. 

Citrus County Chronicle

When you are first getting to know a new area, nothing gets you in touch with the pulse of the community better than the local newspaper. But you don’t have to run out and buy a physical paper every morning. You can access everything you need right from the app of our local paper, the Citrus County Chronicle.

You will be able to learn about local news, politics, sports, and weather with this app. You can also read local opinions and obituaries. 

Villages of Citrus Hills App


Saving the best for last, the most powerful app available for new residents is our very own app. The Villages of Citrus Hills app contains everything you could possibly want to know about our community and is put together in an easy to navigate package. 

Through the Citrus Hills app, you can check out dinner specials at our restaurants, view the events and activities calendars, read the monthly newsletter, or call any of our facilities because every service in the community has a phone number listed right in the app. 

There are also many fun social features with the app like the gallery and fun cam sections. 

Whether you are constantly charging your smartphone because you are on it all the time or because you use it so rarely that you forget to plug it in, everyone can benefit from making use of these great apps. And for those who are new to our community, they can be a tremendous help in getting you acclimated to your new environment in a hurry! 

So hop onto the app store and download all five of these great apps today!