5 Fun Ways to Spend a Day in Crystal River

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One of the best things about life here at the Villages of Citrus Hills is that we are located close to a number of unique Florida towns like Crystal River. And in addition to all of the fun things there are to do here in our community, there are even more options just 20 minutes up the road in Crystal River.  

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a day in a nearby community, here are five popular ideas that are definitely worth checking out in Crystal River.  

Swim With Manatees 


While most visitors to Crystal River settle for simply seeing our beautiful manatees from the shore, residents of Crystal River know that you haven't really embraced the manatee culture until you get in the water and swim alongside them.  

Companies like River Ventures Manatee Tour Center, located in downtown Crystal River, make swimming with manatees a breeze. All you have to do is show up at their office, watch a quick video breaking down the important things to know about getting in the water with these huge mammals, and then you'll be off to a local manatee hotspot with a snorkel and mask in hand.  

Kings Bay Scenic Cruise 

Nearby Kings Bay offers a wide range of water activities that keep Crystal River residents busy all year round, but one of the easiest ways to enjoy the water is to head out on a Kings Bay Scenic Cruise with Plantation Adventure Center.  

This specific tour is a one-hour excursion that will get you up close and personal with some of the area's local wildlife. At the same time, you will have the privilege of taking in some of the best views of Kings Bay without ever having to actually get in the water.  

Classic Sunset Cruises 

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For a more romantic version of the Kings Bay Scenic Cruise, you might decide to opt for the Classic Sunset Cruises offered by Wild Coast Charters. These two-hour tours feature live guitar music that provides the perfect accompaniment to the stunning views of a Kings Bay sunset. 

The Classic Sunset Cruises are also popular because they feature a six-person limit on a boat that is capable of holding up to 20 guests, so there is always going to be plenty of room to enjoy this one.  

Scalloping Charter 

While swimming with manatees and Kings Bay cruises are popular activities throughout the year in Crystal River, one of the most popular activities between the months of July and September is always going to be heading out on a scalloping charter. 

There are a number of companies that offer scalloping excursions, but each of them will have you snorkeling in shallow waters looking for scallops that you will be able to take home with you and prepare however you like.  

Crystal River Segway Tours 

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If you are looking for something outside-the-box and you aren't afraid of looking like a goofy tourist, you'll have a hard time finding an excursion that is more fun than the Crystal River Segway Tours. And if you really want to experience Crystal River, this is a great introduction to the town.  

The Segway Tours start in the Little Caesar's parking lot with a quick Segway training session. After that, it's off to explore the streets, parks, and waters of Crystal River. 

Whether you are more interested in swimming, boating, or Segways, there is something for everyone located just up the road in Crystal River. And with Crystal River being so close to us here at the Villages of Citrus Hills, you are free to explore each of these fun activities whenever you like.