10 More Reasons To Move To Florida (As If You Needed More Reasons)

There are plenty of reasons to move to the sunshine state that is Florida, and here we offer you 10 more.


Have you been thinking about moving to Florida? 

If so, there is a good chance that you have already thought through all of the most popular reasons that people choose to live in Florida. 

The fact that Florida offers residents advantages like great weather, low cost of living, unlimited golf opportunities, and great active adult communities is pretty much common knowledge at this point. But just in case those alone aren’t enough to help you decide, there are also tons of other great reasons to call Florida home. 

Citrus County has some of the best weather in Florida.  Unlike humid South Florida, the region surrounding the Villages of Citrus Hills doesn’t have the Everglades water effect.  We instead sit on the Central Ridge.  At 260 feet above sea level, the Villages of Citrus Hills benefits from the breezes off the nearby Gulf of Mexico, keeping the climate temperate all year round. 

Here are ten more reasons that Florida is the perfect place to spend your retirement: 

Close to Cruises  

Some of the discounted cruise opportunities you can find on various travel websites these days are mind boggling. However, most people still have to pay for airfare to Florida in order to take advantage of these great deals. 

As a Florida resident, you will be within driving distance of a number of popular cruise ports. That means you can hop on a cruise ship for next to nothing pretty much anytime you like! 

A little over an hour away from the Villages of Citrus Hills is the cruise port of Tampa.  It’s popular for our residents contemplating a variety of Caribbean itineraries. 

Outdoor Life  

The entire state of Florida is covered with national and state parks and forests, not to mention the hundreds of local community parks. If you are interested in any type of outdoor activity from boating and fishing to hiking and camping, you will have plenty of options in Florida.  There are also lots of great places to simply get out and go for a casual stroll or a quiet bike ride. 

In the heart of Florida’s Nature Coast, the Villages of Citrus Hills provides easy access to many outdoor activities just a short drive away.  Surrounded by water on three sides, Citrus County is a prime destination for scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing.  Hikers, bikers and bird watchers will also love the nearby 41,000 acre Withlacoochee State Forest, which was named by the World Wildlife Fund as one of the “Top 10 coolest places you’ve never seen in North America”. 

Whether you prefer a vigorous hike through the woods or a leisurely afternoon on a fishing boat, there’s something for everyone to do outdoors at the Villages of Citrus Hills. 



 Some of the most popular of those outdoor places also happen to be popular among the West Indian Manatees that regularly migrate to the warm springs along the Gulf Coast of Florida. Seeing these manatees in real life is an unbelievable experience, and you will be able to see them as often as you like living in Florida. 

The warm springs of Citrus County are an extremely popular winter refuge for endangered West Indian manatees. The springs allow the manatees to escape winter’s cold and serve as a place where many manatees come to mate, and then birth and nurse their young. In winter months, the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge is home to hundreds of manatees. 

Wearing Sandals 

One of the additional advantages triggered by the great weather in Florida is that you can avoid wearing socks, heavy shoes, and boots pretty much all year round. If you are the kind of person who likes to let your feet feel the fresh air, all you need in Florida is a great pair of sandals and you are set! 

Professional & College Sports

 You probably have a few professional sports teams located somewhat close to the area you currently call home. But in Florida, there are multiple cities that each have their own teams all within a few hours of each other. 

When you add in all of the popular college teams in Florida, there are tons of opportunities to catch great live sporting events all year. 

If you plan on staying loyal to your current team, there is a good chance that they will visit Florida quite frequently. 

Spring Training Baseball  

In addition to all the professional and college teams that call Florida home year round, there are also 15 Major League Baseball teams that migrate south to prepare for the upcoming season every February. As a Florida resident, you will be able to visit quite a few different teams during the spring training season each year. 

Fresh Seafood  

Another great aspect of living in Florida is the access you will have to all of the fresh seafood. One thing in particular that Florida offers residents is their fantastic stone crab claws. 

For many seafood lovers, stone crab alone is a good reason to call Florida home because you simply can’t get them anywhere else.

Citrus County is situated on the gulf coast of central Florida and has seven major rivers flowing across it. This means both saltwater and fresh water fish is available everywhere.

The Gulf of Mexico offers up opportunity to go deep sea fishing in your own boat or on a guided tour with an experienced fishing guide. The daily catch can include; Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, Jack Crevalle, Sheepshead or shallow water Grouper, Cobia, Mackerel, and of course Tarpon. In fact, the world record Tarpon was caught just off the coast of Homosassa, Florida. 

Craft Beer

 While you are eating all of that fresh seafood in Florida, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your choice of beers from one of the many craft breweries located across the state. 

One of our favorites is Cigar City Brewing, which is located in Tampa.  But there are also a few gems in Citrus County to mention. 

Located in the small town of Crystal River, FL the Copp Brewery would be easy to miss if you weren’t specifically looking for it as it looks like a house from the outside. On the inside however, this is a playground for fans of fermented beverages. 

Another craft brewer also located in Crystal River, FL is the Nature Coast Brewing Company at Burke’s of Ireland.  They serve an ever changing choice of excellent beers. 


Having oranges shipped from Florida has become a very popular gift idea in recent years. 

If you are living in Florida, you won’t need to have those oranges shipped to you. You will be able to grab them at the local market pretty much anytime you like! 

And just a short drive from the Villages of Citrus Hills is Floral City where Ferris Groves has been in the same location for over 75 years.  Pick up or order Florida's finest citrus: Hamlin and Navel oranges, Dancy and Murcott tangerines, Honeybell tangelos, Flame and Ruby Red grapefruit. 

Of course, you can still send them to all of your friends back home if you like. 


In addition to being filled with state parks, beaches, golf courses, and theme parks, Florida is also home to great historic sites and museums. If you are interested in learning about anything from ancient Indians to colonial America to the Civil War, there are plenty of great spots in Florida worth checking out.

 Like most people, Florida probably had you sold at “warm weather.” But if you needed a little extra push to really set your move in motion, all of these great features should do the trick. 

So, how soon are you coming down to choose your new home at the Villages of Citrus Hills?