Recreation Near Citrus Hills

Citrus County, a sportsman’s paradise

It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to describing all there is to do here in Citrus County. Take a quiet ride kayaking along a spring-fed river or try your luck landing one of the legendary largemouth bass found in Lake Tsala Apopka. Snorkel with the manatees or hike into a prime spot for a peaceful day of bird watching. With nearly 50 percent of the county now protected, the region will forever keep its natural beauty and ample offering of outdoor activities.


In Citrus County, it’s not a matter of whether you fish, but rather where, when and for what kind. Surrounded by water on three sides, the county boasts one of the most productive estuaries in the state. We’re not the only ones who think Citrus County Fishing is top notch. Sports Afield magazine designated Homosassa River one of the 12 best fishing spots in North America.

If freshwater is your preference, then you‘ll find ample spots in Lake Tsala Apopka and Lake Rousseau, and along the inland Withlacoochee River. In these waters are speckled perch, sunshine bass and the always popular catch, the Florida largemouth bass.

If you prefer saltwater fishing, the inlets and estuaries along the Gulf of Mexico provide enough prime fishing spots to last a lifetime. Try to hook a grouper along the reefs or a sea trout in the grassy beds, and don’t miss out on our record-sized tarpon.


There’s no lack of accolades when it comes to diving in Citrus County. USA Today ranked us the number three spot in the world for snorkeling, Coastal Magazine named us a top 10 spot to snorkel and Yahoo! Travel ranks us as one of the world’s most unique snorkeling sites. Scuba diving is also renowned here. Scuba Diving magazine placed Citrus County on its Top 100 Gold List.

From the crystal clear waters of our famous rivers to the open waters of the Gulf, you’ll find an amazing wealth of plants and marine life, including North America’s largest collection of manatees. Whether a novice snorkeler or an experienced scuba diver, there is much to impress along the waters of Citrus County.

Biking & Hiking

The region’s many state parks and nature reserves feature well-maintained trails for hiking and biking. The Withlacoochee State Trail is a prime example, with 46-miles of trails winding through the historic towns of Hernando, Inverness and Floral City. Riding or walking the trails in Citrus County can take you along a variety of terrain from flat expanses to rolling hills, sandy dunes to oak-lined roads. Spend an hour, or the whole day, exploring the unique landscape of Florida’s Nature Coast.

Natural Wonders

From the vast estuaries and spring-fed rivers to the rolling hills of Florida’s Central Ridge, Citrus County is known for its unique environment. Temperate springs that feed into our rivers keep the waters clear and attract a wealth of life. For bird-lovers, there’s no better place to see Florida’s avian residents than Citrus County. Uplands, freshwater lakes, vast estuaries and the Gulf of Mexico provide a wealth of habitats. Eighteen designated birding trails help you get up close to rare and protected species, including bald eagles, whooping cranes and red-cockaded woodpeckers.