The Villages of Citrus Hills and Hurricane Irma

The Villages of Citrus Hills After Hurricane Irma

In case you were wondering the Villages of Citrus Hills survived Hurricane Irma. We recognize how very fortunate we were; and our hearts and thoughts go out to those who suffered, and continue to suffer, from such catastrophic damage in the Caribbean and south Florida.

The worst of the storm struck Citrus County early Monday morning the 11th. Here at Terra Vista we had no loss of power, no flooding and no property damage. Because we sit on one of the highest points in Florida, flooding is never an issue at Citrus Hills. Irma was unusual in that it travelled south to north over the entire state. Past hurricanes have not had the prolonged effect of Irma, usually crossing the state at some point, making for a shorter duration.

But the good news is everyone is safe and sound, all of our incredible amenities are in full operation, and the sunshine has reappeared in all its glory! Now we look forward to the beautiful fall weather that is fast approaching. We invite you to come by for a visit and see our spectacular community for yourself and enjoy our wonderful weather.